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Discover the Delicious Treats of Lavender Bakery and Café’s Online Store

Fancy some delicious cupcakes, cookies, or pies? Look no further than Lavender Bakery and Café’s online store! With a wide selection of treats made from the freshest ingredients and lots of love, you are sure to find something that will delight your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for something special for an upcoming celebration or just a tasty treat to brighten up your day, you can be sure to find it here. Find out what’s baking in the ovens at Lavender Bakery and Café today!

About Lavender Bakery and Cafe

Lavender Bakery is the perfect place for everything from cakes to desserts and more. With their European-inspired bakery, offerings include freshly made cakes, dessert items, and other customizable options. Through their Store Menu, customers can easily find what they are looking for and even order online or over the phone with store pickup or delivery available. Special occasions have become more special through Lavender’s unique custom order section where you can design your cake, wedding cake, and much more! From family happiness to corporate events, Lavender Bakery offers customers the unique opportunity to make their special occasion truly one of a kind.

Let’s take a look at some of their best sellers:

Traditional Yule Log(Buche De Noel)

Light up your holiday celebrations with Traditional Yule Log (Buche De Noel)! The decadent yet simple dessert combines the comforting flavors of vanilla, coffee, and chocolate to create a truly irresistible experience. This Buche De Noel is made with a Bourbon Vanilla Genoise sponge cake base, balanced with the signature espresso buttercream, and topped off with a rich dark Belgian chocolate glaze made from Valrhona cocoa powder. During the holidays, celebrate with the classic taste of traditional sweetness and the vision of joyful gatherings around a delectable log. Enjoy a bake-at-home Traditional Yule Log (Buche De Noel) that will tantalize your taste buds and impress your family.

This cake is made of:

  • Egg whites
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Vanilla extract
  • Espresso buttercream
  • Dark Belgian chocolate glaze
  • Valrhona cocoa powder
  • German Chocolate Cake

    Unleash the decadent taste of German chocolate cake with every bite. Our exquisite German Chocolate Cake is certain to satisfy any sweet tooth. Each delectable layer is made with velvety chocolate cake, filled and iced with rich German chocolate (coconuts and pecans), and then topped off with a ripple of luscious chocolate fudge. With each heavenly bite, you’ll find yourself lost in the smooth, creamy textures that flow together for an utterly scrumptious experience. Our German Chocolate Cake is sure to please whether as a dessert for your special occasion or just because! So go ahead — reward yourself today with this must-have pastry delight!

    This cake is made of:

  • Moist, velvety chocolate cake
  • Rich German chocolate (coconuts and pecans) filling and icing
  • A ripple of luscious chocolate fudge topping.
  • The German Chocolate Cake is:

  • Irresistibly delectable
  • Perfect for any special occasion or just because
  • An exquisite treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth.
  • What makes cake delicious?

    Lavender Bakery and Café believe that the secret to making delicious cakes lies in using only the freshest ingredients. They use high-quality butter, eggs, sugar, and flour to ensure a moist texture and rich flavor. The cakes are also made with natural sweeteners instead of concentrated sugars or artificial sweeteners. The combination of ingredients, combined with carefully crafted recipes, ensures that each cake is light and flavorful. They also use special touches like creamy icings and delicate decorations to make sure each cake looks as delicious as it tastes. In the end, they strive to create cakes that are works of art – beautiful on the outside and tantalizingly delicious on the inside!

    Pros and cons of eating cake

    The pros of eating cake are that it can be a great source of energy, tastes delicious, and can make for a special occasion treat. Cakes also provide carbohydrates which help to fuel the body with energy. Additionally, cakes come in an array of flavors so everyone is sure to find something they like.

    On the other hand, the cons of eating cake include potential weight gain since cakes are usually high in sugar and calories. Cakes are also not very nutritious as they are mostly composed of simple carbohydrates like flour, sugar, and eggs which provide little nutritional value. Lastly, cakes can be expensive if purchased from a bakery or café.

    What are the 3 classifications of cake?

    1. Sponge Cakes – These cakes are light and airy in texture due to the use of either beaten egg whites or baking powder for leavening. Examples include angel food cake and genoise sponge cake.

    2. Butter Cakes – These cakes are denser than sponge cakes as they contain more fat, usually butter, than other cakes. Examples include pound cake, marble cake, and red velvet cake.

    3. Foam Cakes – These cakes are made with whole eggs or egg whites beaten until they become light and foamy. Examples include angel food cake and chiffon cake.

    Tips on choosing the best cake:

    1. Choose a cake based on the occasion – Cakes can come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors so make sure you choose a cake that matches the occasion. For instance, if it’s a birthday you may want to go with something more festive like a chocolate or caramel cake.

    2. Consider your audience – Consider the dietary restrictions of your guests and make sure you have something that everyone can enjoy.

    3. Think about the presentation – Ask yourself what kind of impression you want to make with the cake. Do you want it to be eye-catching or simple? Will it be decorated with fresh flowers or other embellishments?

    4. Taste test – Make sure you sample a few flavors before making your final choice. This way, you can be sure that the cake tastes as good as it looks!

    best cake


    No matter what occasion you are celebrating, German Chocolate Cake is a delicious and decadent choice. From its velvety texture to the rich coconut and pecan filling, this cake will leave any guest satisfied. With these tips on how to choose the best cake, you can be sure that your next event will be a delicious success! So, the next time you want to impress or indulge your guests, try a German Chocolate Cake from Lavender Bakery and Café. You won’t be disappointed!

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