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5 Types of Canvas Prints To Display At Home

Canvas prints have become one of the most popular home design trends in the globe in recent years. Custom Photo Canvas Print allows you to have any of your favorite photos printed onto a canvas and framed for decoration.

Canvas prints stand out in any setting, whether at home or work, due to their originality and high quality. Photos on canvas are a less expensive alternative to conventionally framed photos. If you’re beginning to enjoy canvas prints, we’ll show you the many kinds of canvas prints you may purchase in this article.

Different Types of Canvas Prints

Small Format Canvas Prints

Canvas prints ranging in size from 8″ x 8″ to 18″ x 24″ are classified as small format canvas prints. Our small-sized canvas prints are a popular option for wall and shelf décor since they are made entirely of American materials in North Carolina.

The 8″ x 8″ canvas prints are intended for placement on shelves or in tiny sections of walls. The small format canvas prints collection’s other sizes are ideal for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and workplaces. Because of the inks produced in Kentucky, the canvas prints stand out without being too big for the area.

Family portraits, pet pictures, vacation photographs, home décor, and more look fantastic when produced on beautiful small format canvas paintings manufactured in the United States. Furthermore, the unique cotton canvas mix exhibits your pictures with unmistakable clarity and vibrant colors. These canvas pictures will wow your visitors and remind you of your favorite memories every day. 

Large Format Canvas Prints

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With a robust design, large-size canvas prints stand out. An oversized canvas print sizes up to 40” x 40” is ideal for making a statement. Large size canvas prints, produced using the same American-made materials as our small canvas prints, will add elegance to your home.

Large-size canvas prints are ideal for lobbies, entryways, large living rooms and bedrooms, and art exhibitions. These pictures on canvas include bright colors and detailed imagery. Photos ranging from family portraits to natural vistas look stunning when printed on a giant-size canvas print.

Canvas photos provide a great mood in any room. The contemporary twist on picture prints provides a one-of-a-kind creative touch to the space. While these canvas prints are more extensive, they are still inexpensive. Our cutting-edge printer enables us to print your pictures fast and precisely, which helps to keep the price cheap. Your memories will come to life with large-size canvas prints.

Single Canvas Prints

The most popular form of canvas décor is single canvas prints. They’re basic, yet they’re beautiful. There is a canvas print for everyone, with over 1,000 sizes available. Canvas prints are simple to style with any space and existing décor due to their frameless look.

You may customize Single canvas prints in several ways. First, you may choose the depth of the canvas. The canvas depth is.75” by default, but you may upgrade to the gallery 1.5” depth. You may alter the border style from blurred to mirrored, black, white, or grey once you’ve chosen the canvas depth.

Each canvas print comes ready to hang. This means you can start renovating your area as soon as your print arrives. The easy-to-hang design also makes it simple to change out prints for different seasons. Our canvas creation tool will suggest the optimum size for your picture, but you can see all sizes here.

Multi-Panel Split 

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It includes Diptych, Triptych, 5 Panel Wall Art, and other multi-panel canvas options. This is a little more productive way of presenting the image that you wish to print. It entails dividing the images into parts. Following that, each area is printed onto the canvas. The intended impression may be created by carefully selecting the photos and ensuring that they complement each other.

Photos are displayed horizontally across several panels using this technique. If you wish to print one picture over several canvases or if you have various photos that naturally complement each other, the multi-panel split may be an excellent option.

Canvas Displays

Canvas prints and triptych wall art are examples of canvas presentations. Each display style is a lively presentation of your favorite pictures. 

These canvas displays are both visually appealing and discussion starters. Canvas displays are the risk-free method to get beautiful art into your house since they are 100% American-made and come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Wall displays are multi-panel displays that range from three to nine panels in size. Each canvas contains a single picture. Family pictures, pet portraits, and vacation photos are often used to create themed wall displays. These are wonderful presents for loved ones. One of our most popular items is wall displays, and we enjoy telling your story via photos.

Triptychs are three-panel displays that split a single picture into three canvas prints. This results in a one-of-a-kind interpretation of your picture. Each panel is about two inches apart. This guarantees that the whole image can be viewed while still displaying the division. This distinction elevates your favorite pictures to the level of art.

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