About Us

I’m Janice Scott, a former elementary teacher turned blogger and self-proclaimed food lover. The strong woman behind Health Home Remedy who loves to give her dogs, Sambo and Edgar, all the good doggo belly rubs in the world! 

I love eating healthy and I love being healthy, and I love writing as well, so why not write about being healthy? That’s two birds with one stone! I started out as being an avid reader and eventually, I started to try writing. Since then, my passion burst aflame and I’ve carried on that passion to this day.

When I’m not writing, you’ll find me sweating the life out of me at the gym! I love going on runs in the neighborhood with my dogs and trekking a nearby hill for some Me time. Exploring the outdoors gets me thinking, and all that thinking is put to work when I get home because you’ll find me writing it down for a blog (after a nice cold shower of course!). 

If you love knowing all things health and living a fruitful and knowledgeable life, then Health Home Remedy is your haven! 

This is an encouraging community of mindful individuals who love to take care of their health and talk about life and everything that comes along with it! 

Health Home Remedy started out as a site where I can share all the things that I learned about home remedies and living a healthy life at home. Eventually, the site started growing and the topics of my blogs grew along with it. 

So click around and you’re bound to find something you’ll like! I’ve written blogs about almost anything under the sun! If you’re like me and you like knowing things that your neighbors don’t, stick (click!) around!

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